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Fun Energy-Saving Tips for the Workplace this Fall

October is #NationalEnergyActionMonth. Keep everything spooky but the electric bill this Fall with these fun ways to save energy at the office.

  1. Use Eco-Friendly Halloween Decorations: Spookifying the office doesn’t have to mean jacking up your electric bill to terrifying heights. Skip the string lights and inflatables for comical window clings, hanging bats, and other macabre creatures to cover every corner of the office in Halloween cheer. Invest in hair-raising decorations that can be used year after year and skip gourds and fake cobwebs that won’t last.
  2. Establish Hibernation Fridays: Before you leave the workplace for a weekend or holiday, unplug everything. Everything. Make a game of unplugging your computers, your printers, your coffeemakers; giving every appliance a weekend respite adds up to major savings, especially over those long holiday breaks. And when it’s not quite the weekend….
  3. Unplug Your Chargers When They Aren’t Charging: If your phone, laptop, or other personal device is fully charged, take the charger out of the wall. Every employee has a phone, so if every employee unplugged his or her phone charger when it was done charging…you know the drill.
  4. Bring Sweaters: Instead of bribing the maintenance worker to raise the temperature a few degrees, keep twelve extra layers in your desk. Bring the Ugly Christmas Sweater trend to every holiday, and wow everyone with your hideous witch and turkey ensembles.
  5. Conserve Heat With a Travel Mug: Hot coffee can be the best part of a chilly morning, so keep that morning treat going way past noon with a quality insulated cup. You’ll save on reheating throwaway cups and never have to make the walk of shame to the microwave ever again.
  6. Bring Lunch from Home: Limit yourself to buying once a week, but if you’re already a master at meal prep, challenge yourself to use the fridge just twice a day: once to put in your lunch and once to take it out. Avoid dreaded standing-in-front-of-the-fridge-staring syndrome, draining your fridge light and letting the heat in.
  7. Turn Off Lights When Leaving an Empty Room: Just short of becoming a vampire, make a habit of keeping lights off and windows visible as much as possible. If your one-stall bathroom has a switch by the door, there’s no reason to leave it on all the time.
  8. Reduce Paper Waste: Instead of printing out PowerPoint slides, send them out at the beginning of the presentation so coworkers can follow along with their own screen. Give your definitely-haunted printers a much-needed break.

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